Hotel automation system

City hotel management system

Hotel automation is ​​Libra Hospitality’s core business. Our software products will help make your hotel competitive in the modern hospitality services market. Innovative proprietary software products, application of the state-of-the-art Russian and international experience in automation, implementation of non-standard solutions have allowed Libra Hospitality to become a leader in the industry.

The Russian hotel management system Logus HMS provides full control over all aspects of the hotel business from booking of rooms to security and accounts. It was developed taking into account the characteristic features of the Russian market and fully adapted to it. With the help of Logus HMS, hotel staff save time when handling customers. Check-in and documentation procedures are simplified.

Staff access to the database is strictly monitored and is solely on the need-to-know basis.

Hotel automation ensures the coordinated operation of all functions and makes value-added services available to guests. It simplifies staff management, optimizes work schedules, keeps track of working hours, and generates reports allowing the management to have full information in each business area.

Interface with online booking systems

The Russian hotel automation system Logus HMS makes full use of the global experience in remote booking of hotel rooms via various sales channels. It uses Channel Manager, which aggregates information from several sources and automatically distributes it according to predefined criteria.

Your customers will always have access to discounted offers compared to the competition, which will support sales growth. A user-friendly mobile version of the app is available.

Thorough database processing in Logus HMS will prevent double bookings. All information on the rooms and customers in the hotel management system is available on demand.

Interface with bank card authorization systems

The software supports pre-authorization of transactions on the guests' bank cards and debiting at check-out. Customer registration in an online banking solution offers significant time savings and can be done remotely.

Interface with electronic door lock systems

The interface with an electronic door locks system provide guest security and convenience. This module offers full control over the issuance and use of door keys. You will know when the guest is in her room and will be able to schedule cleaning to make it invisible to the guest.

The electronic door locks control module also allows tracking visits to various areas by the hotel staff.

Interface with ABBYY Passport Reader SDK

The OCR system reduces the check-in time by minimizing data input operations by the receptionist. Personal data is automatically recorded in the database when the documents are scanned. Hotel and restaurant automation is aimed at improving the service quality. The customer service speed is among the important aspects.

Export of data to accounting systems

Our Russian product is integrated with accounting software, including 1C. This allows to export data from the hotel management system and conduct operations in compliance with the applicable laws.

Interface with cash registers

The management system supports synchronization of incoming payments by guests with cash registers.

Interface with restaurant management systems (points of sale)

Hotel automation would be incomplete without integration with a restaurant management system (or other points of sale). One of the most common features offered by the interface is finalization of the hotel bill. The guest is billed for all services provided at the hotel.

The integrated software takes control of the administration of all processes — from procurement and planning to menu design and security.

Upload the data to the Federal Migration Service

The upload function allows to monitor compliance with the migration and visa rules by your guests and send their passport details to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. This will help you avoid information requests from the supervising and law enforcement agencies.