Holiday hotel

Holiday hotel management system

Centralized management system for a holiday hotel. Manages rooms, simplifies the booking and check-in procedure taking into account guest preferences, tracks the most important hotel performance indicators (ADR, RevPac, RevPar, Occupancy, etc.), provides data for accounting and management reporting and for strategic decision-making.

Interface with cash registers

Connects the hotel management system with a cash register for recording of payments received from the guest and entered into the hotel management system.

Export of data to accounting systems

Export of data for subsequent processing in accounting software. Supplier invoices can be uploaded from the 1C database into the hotel management system.

Interface with electronic door lock systems

If the hotel uses an electronic door lock system and it is connected to the hotel management system, the key card can only be issued if there is a reservation in the hotel management system and only for the dates/times indicated in the hotel management system. Thus, the risk of bypassing the system when issuing key cards is reduced.

Interface with online booking systems

In the modern hospitality industry, the share of guests booking their stays via online sales channels is ever growing, and to avoid manual processing of bookings an interface is implemented with the channel manager aggregating several sales channels. All bookings received via online sales channels are registered automatically and an identifier is attached.

Interface with a restaurant management system

Integrates restaurant bills with the room bill. The identifier is the room number or the guest’s name. This approach make possible centralized billing at the hotel reception, i.e. at a single point of contact at any time convenient for the guest.

Interface with the booking system ReserveMaster

Allows to pay for the booking prior to check-in at any self-service terminal by clicking the Reserve Master icon or at a Russian Post office. When this payment method is chosen in the hotel management system, a deposit code is displayed, and the guest receives a text message with the reservation number and the amount due. This technology allows the guest to make payment (pay security deposit) and the hotel to be paid for the room, if for some reason payment by bank card is impossible.