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Property Management System for small accommodation facilities

Hello owners of mini-hotels and hostels!

You provide board and lodging, settle guest payments, do your best to work on various internet territories to increase income. Your aim is to provide quality services without overloading your staff with difficult and time consuming decisions, trying to make their tasks easier.

The contemporary software with user-friendly and intuitive GUI is a step on your way to success

What does Logus The Box give?

  • Accommodation management
  • Easy to use
  • Sales optimization
  • Dynamic rates
  • Other important and necessary tools

What do we have in the end?

  • Satisfied employees
  • Satisfied guests
  • Income increase
  • Satisfied owners

Why is Logus The Box cool

or how to manage rooms

Any Property Management System should graphically demonstrate occupancy of rooms or beds. Globally there are 2 types of Property Management Systems: systems based on Room Rack and systems based on Room Type Availability. The first ones are widely spread and very well known and the second ones can cost a lot for a small business. Although you love the Room Rack, we do not recommend to use it. We explain why in this video.

Although you love the Room Rack, we do not recommend using it.


Logus The Box has both Room Rack booking and booking by Room Type.

While using any sales strategy you can work with Room Type Availability and avoid booking a specific room (eg. Room 101) in the Room Rack. You may utilize a standard checkin/checkout time as well as “floating” check out time. Also, you can use hourly rates. Either way, Logus The Box does not require to book a specific room, therefore you avoid the problem with fragmentation.

What does it look like

or what will I see starting Logus The Box

User friendly interface – is a must for a modern system. Buttons should be in those places, where it is suitable to press them. Screen colors should not irritate the eyes. There must be minimum button clicks. We've thought about all that.

Reservations cycle

or how can I optimize the sales?

Reservations turn into your guests’ visits. Every reservation is a chance to provide accommodation and quality services and receive payment in return. How can you increase the amount of guests without increasing the staff?

Booking Engine

  • - Hotel website booking - Booking Engine

Hotel’s website booking is vital nowdays. It is a very effective tool for promoting hotel’s services and increasing sales. Logus The Box includes the Booking Engine interface, it means that all your bookings made via Website will automatically come to the PMS. It eliminates manual work.

  • - Other sites booking - Channel Manager

Posting hotel’s information on such web resources as, Expedia, Ostrovok (they are also known as sales channels) helps to cover a huge amount of potential guests, who visit these sites every day while searching accommodations. Channel Manager is a centralized management tool which renews Availability and Prices on all the channels.

Logus The Box includes the Channel Manager interface and all reservations from your sales channels will come to the PMS automatically without manual handling.



  • Corporate customers (who love discounts)
  • Travel agencies-resellers (who love commission)

To simplify the work with contractors and manage their revenue analytics, Logus The Box offers Company Module. Each company can have a special rate plan, which matches the agreement with your hotel, and this rate pops up when a user makes reservations from this company.

If you have a quota agreement with a certain company, Logus The Box gives you the tool to control this quota in a company profile, reserve the rooms from this quota and also cancel the quota automatically (make rooms available for sales) in accordance with a chosen amount of days before check-in


Direct room sales

A sign on a building or attracting media attention and other marketing actions may bring more guests to your hotel


only your perfect services will make them return

Sell wise

or how to manage an adequate price policy easily?

Any hotel, resort or a hostel has high and low occupancy periods. Usually hoteliers call it “seasonality”. The higher demand the higher is the price. Either high or low occupancy, the price should be competitive. It should attract guests and at the same time a hotel should not loose but increase its income. From one side, nobody wants to buy services at a very high price. From another side, you can always sell if for “free”. To find the happy medium – is a hotelier’s aim. To manage seasonal price changes – is the task of a property management system.

Logus The Box helps to create seasonal rate plans. Hotel’s management is responsible for pricing and clerks are responsible for informing guests about current rate plans. All seasonal price changes Logus The Box calculates automatically.

Other convenient and useful tools

Or what else Logus The Box does?


Create and print documents using your corporate style and change document templates:

  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Guest Registration Card (used at a check-in)
  • Guest folio (where all guest charges and payments are)
  • Fiscal check (Logus The Box includes a Fiscal Printer interface)


Do you know what Tags are?

Tags are certain labels which mark various information for consolidation. They come from Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook and others. We like Tags, maybe you will like them too. Just think how easy it is to consolidate all guests who fall into a specific marketing campaign, or combine all companies who have a contract with a hotel. You may use Tags as you wish.

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