Logus HMS integration with Bitrix24

Libra Hospitality is continuously developing and improving the hotel management system Logus HMS.

Recently, a new version of Logus has been launched, featuring an integration module with the CRM system Bitrix24 (https://www.bitrix24.ru/).

Now, guest profiles are synchronized between Logus HMS and Bitrix (all primary fields and telephone numbers): when making changes in Logus, the changes are immediately sent to Bitrix, and when making changes to the contact person in Bitrix, to the guest profile in Logus.

Automatic preliminary calculation of the booking price is now supported: the integration can be configured in such a way that when the transaction is given a certain status (e.g. Preliminary Booking), Logus automatically calculates the booking price and adds it to the transaction record. Moreover, a Bitrix transaction can be automatically converted into a booking; when the transaction changes status to "Booking”, Logus HMS automatically creates a new booking.