• Infor HMS

    Система управления гостиницей Infor HMS (Hotel Management System) даёт все необходимые инструменты для повышения уровня обслуживания гостей и увеличения прибыли. Систему разрабатывали более 175 экспертов по программному обеспечению для гостиничной отрасли. Infor HMS имеет различные варианты установки (локально или посредством хостинга), что даёт дополнительные возможности для быстрого и удобного обновления системы по мере выхода новых версий.


Infor HMS

The hotel management system Infor HMS offers all the tools to improve the level of customer service and increase revenue. The system was developed by more than 175 experts in software solutions for the hospitality industry.

Infor HMS has various installation options (local or hosted), offering additional opportunities for quick and easy upgrade of the system as new versions are released.

By using Infor HMS, you:

Have access to the necessary data to provide the hotel staff with the most relevant information to support decision-making and business activities of the check-in and accommodation function, booking department, department heads, or financial experts;
Employees at remote locations have access to the same information as the staff at the hotel;
Create special packages for guests by adding extra services to the room rates;
Design your screens for better user experience to improve the efficiency of your staff by displaying only the relevant information;
Ensure secure data storage and processing because the software is fully compatible with payment systems and data security standards (PCI/PA-DSS). Bank card details are encrypted;
Choose your preferred database installation option — it can be classic deployment on a hotel server or a cloud solution. Subscription model (SaaS, Software as a Service) is also available, making it possible to minimize the IT infrastructure at the hotel;
Have interfaces that are accessible both via the web and through standard data exchange protocols.
Minimize the database installation services: Infor HMS can be launched in a browser and is accessible online;

Processing of sales of minor supplies and items, e.g. travel kits, water, souvenirs, is handled by Infor HMS Sundry, an intuitive touch screen app available as an add-on to the hotel management system.

Infor HMS is integrated with a number of related systems:

Hotel reputation management system giving a summary of the guest reviews of the hotel;
Infor EzRMS
Easy to use, standardized system for hotel revenue management;
Infor HMS Mobility
The module shares database information in real time for viewing on mobile devices.
Infor EAM
(Enterprise asset management) using the interface module Infor ION®;
Best Western CRS
(Central Reservation System) has a two-way interface with Infor HMS, certified by Best Western and supporting sharing of room availability information, rates, etc. in real time;